The 5 most-worn items in my closet

MVP outfit aleesha harris most worn items

Sure, it's fun to keep an eye on the latest trends. But, it's not the trend-based pieces that I gravitate toward for my day-to-day style. 

It's the classics. 

I love the idea that what's classic when it comes to clothes is something that's different for everyone. What's an absolute essential for me might be something that you might never wear. 

And there's nothing wrong with that. 

In this post, I'm sharing a few of my most-worn workhorse pieces. And the photo above was the perfect pic to illustrate a post that summarizes my most-worn MVPs because it truly has so many examples of the styles that I hold nearest and dearest in my closet — all in one look.

Without further ado, here are my five favourite styles that I wear on repeat. 

MVP outfit pieces the oversized blazer

1. An oversized blazer

I've always loved blazers. They add instant polish to a look and can often work seamlessly from day to night, for work or weekend. In recent years, I've really gravitated toward an oversized silhouette, finding that fit and functionality really works with my personal style.

MVP pick: The Babaton Agency Blazer from Artizia. (It appears to be discontinued so here's a similar style).

MVP outfit pick turtleneck sweater

2. Turtleneck sweater 

I can confidently say that I wear a turtleneck sweater of some kind nearly seven months out of the year (give or take a few weeks). A light- to mid-weight style is so versatile. While I stick close to the basics with black, grey and camel, I've also collected a collection of cashmere options in a rainbow of hues. 

MVP pick: The Extra Fine Merino Wool turtleneck from Uniqlo. It washes well and fits very nicely. 

MVP outfit pick Levi's jeans

3. Straight-leg jeans

Jeans are such a staple for me. I wear them pretty much every day — when I get out of my WFH loungewear, that is. I've found a straight fit works best for my shape, with an ankle-length crop being my favourite. I'm also loving the retro-inspired return of a slightly looser leg shape. 

MVP pick: The Levi's Wedgie Straight are my absolute go-to. But, I also like the Levi's Dad Jeans. Check my review for the Wedgie and Dad Jean here.

MVP outfit item Gucci loafers

4. Leather loafers 

If I'm not wearing ankle boots, I'm usually wearing a pair of leather loafers. I love how comfortable and chic loafers are. Not to mention timeless. If you invest in a good pair, you can literally have them in your closet for years. 

MVP pick: Gucci loafers. Because, you literally can't go wrong with them.

MVP outfit item Chanel handbag

5. An investment handbag

It's no secret that I love handbags. I am definitely a collector. But, even if I wasn't one to invest in a collection of designer pieces, I would still invest in one go-to style. A good-quality handbag can last for years and years. While I love the history and craftsmanship that comes with a piece from a brand like Chanel, if that's not in your budget, there is a long list of brands (small and large) making pieces that are worthy of investing in. 

MVP pick: A classic Chanel flap bag