Aleesha Harris

Meet Aleesha … 

Aleesha Harris founded Covet & Acquire as an outlet for fashion expression and exploration — as well as a way to get her foot in the writing world — in 2011. 

While searching for a position at a media outlet after graduating journalism school, she was intrigued by the growing self-publishing trend. Already harbouring an interest in all things fashion, beauty, handbags, photography … (you get the idea!), she decided to start her own web site and try it for herself.

Fast forward to today, and Covet & Acquire has become a destination for personal style, beauty reviews, travel features, handbag reviews — and more. 

While Aleesha still sticks to her original tag line of proving that a REAL GIRL with a REAL BODY and a REAL BUDGET can be REALLY FABULOUS, she’s worked to build out the areas of coverage on the site in the aim of offering a comprehensive and aspirational destination for a wide array of international readers. 

To date, her fashion styling has been featured in publications such as Lucky and InStyle magazines, and she has past and ongoing content-creation partnerships with a wide variety of brands including Le Chateau, Tom Ford Beauty, GEOX, Benefit Cosmetics, AGNEEL, Daniel Wellington and more. 

To facilitate with the growing coverage of the site's beauty vertical, she brought her sister, Kirsten Harris, on board in 2013 to take on the beauty editor role. 

"Aleesha is one of my favourite writers, it is always such a pleasure to work with her! She is kind, she listens, she provides honest feedback and is very thorough in her research, which is so rare in this day and age. Her articles are very profound and always recognizable with her signature personal touch. I love her style and her love for details and her blog looks and beauty advice inspire me a lot in my daily life!"
— BICOM - Polina Lichagina, National Account Director, BICOM Communications  

"I have worked with Aleesha for the last three years in a professional capacity. She has always been helpful and very supportive, whether writing a feature or securing products for a market page/gift guide. Her expertise as an editor and writer has proven to be an asset to our working relationship. It’s always a pleasure working with her."
— Erisa Jung, Fashion PR Manager 

In addition to her work on Covet & Acquire, Aleesha has been a full-time fashion writer and editor for Postmedia News for more than a decade, working with brands including CHANEL, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Omega, Vichy and Guerlain, to create immersive editorial experiences for both print and online readers. 

She was previously a regular Style Contributor on CTV Morning Live in Vancouver and has appeared on Entertainment Tonight Canada, as well as Global TV. 


To inquire about partnerships or opportunities, please email aleeshah@live.ca

The latest Covet & Acquire media kit is available by request. 

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