Current covet: Levi's Wedgie jeans (plus fit tips!)

Levi's Wedgie review

Let me start this off by saying ... this is not AT ALL a sponsored post. 

I'm just ALL about the new Wedgie fit jeans from Levi's. I legit own four pairs and am hunting for a few more.

So, why do I like them so much? Well, there are a few reasons that include, but are not limited to: I enjoy the vintage look; I like the straight-leg cut; they fit my thighs; and they're higher rise than, say, the 501 CT.

I've worn them several times on the blog already, and in doing so, I've figured out a few fit tips for these figure-flattering jeans. Here are a few of my tips for finding your perfect Wedgie.

1. The 100% cotton iterations are best. I've found the ones with stretch REALLY stretch out. Especially in in the knee and crotch area. You may want to size down.

2. The new "straight" cut fits really short, which is saying something because several of these jeans have a ripped hem, and therefore already fit shorter than most.

3. These jeans fit true to size, in my experience. I'm a size 10 or 30 in most pants, and that's what fits in the Wedgie.

Shop a few of my favourite Wedgie jeans below.


Unknown said…
Have you managed to find a pair that's 100% cotton + black? This is my struggle... I don't know if they exist, so I've even been looking into vintage pairs... I bought a pair that's 99% and totally agree on the stretch. Love your blog, by the way!
Aleesha said…
Hi Andrea! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find 100% cotton in black. That's like the Holy Grail of Wedgie jeans. Lol.

Let's hope the denim gods hear our prayers and they release them for fall!!

Thanks for the comment. :)