If you're looking for a sign to buy your dream shoes, this is it

Chanel cap toe slingback heels gold

On any given day, I can be found wearing a pair of ankle boots or sneakers. Ok, ok. And when I'm working from home, my go-to shoe is a pair of shearling Ugg slippers. 

But, for special events, I often (predictably) opt for heels. 

And as our calendars start to fill up again with RSVP requests and after-hours events, I've started to think about these 'dressier' footwear options. 

This train of thought led me to ponder my current shoe collection, mainly which ones I wear and which ones I don't. And which ones that I can't seem to live without. 

Without a doubt, these slingback heels from Chanel are a go-to for me. They can be dressed down with jeans and a blazer or dressed up with a pair of wide-leg trousers.

Though I initially balked at the idea of spending so much on a pair of shoes, I'm glad I invested in them as they look great and make me feel so pulled together when I wear them. 

That's why I encourage anyone who is hesitating on purchasing that one pair of dream shoes to stop waiting. 

If you've had a pair of shoes on your wish list for some time now, this is your sign to go get them. Because, if they make you excited to get dressed and give you confidence when you're out and about, well, that sounds like a pretty good investment to me.