Levi's Balloon Jeans: A quick review

Levi's Balloon Jeans: A quick review

Levi's Balloon Jeans: A quick review

What they are: I'm a huge fan of Levi's. I wear a pair, it seems, almost every day of the week.

I've reviewed the WedgieRibcage and Dad Jean styles on the blog in the past. So, when the new Balloon fit came out, I was excited to try them (I purchased these jeans, so rest assured this is neither a paid nor an endorsed review!).

When I first heard about these jeans online I was intrigued. The fit is advertised as being "'80s inspired with a dramatic curve at the hip and a tapered leg."

And the thought of a high waist with a slightly voluminous shape had me curious. So, of course, I bought a pair.

Fit bonus: The rise is perfect. Not too high but not low.

Fit bummer: The hemline is a bit short. I'm 5'8" and i feel like they're a tad too cropped on me.

Overall: For the most part, I find Levi's sizing to be pretty consistent. But, some cuts most certainly aren't. And I feel like the Balloon jeans are one of those jeans styles from the brand that you should try on before you buy them.

(I found this to be the case with the Wedgie Icon fit, too. Sometimes, they fit, while other times — nope!) 

I bought these online during a sale without ever having tried the fit on. I read online reviews (very mixed) and went with my usual size 30. When I received the jeans, I was surprised by how tight the waistline felt while pulling them up.

Given the high waist, coupled with the "dramatic curve," at the hip, I felt these fit a bit more snug than I had expected. I mean, the pictures I see on the models they look almost comically voluminous.

But, I have hips/a bum/thighs, so that's likely why the fit felt more figure-hugging than what I saw pictured on a slimmer, more straight figure.

So, while I like the Balloon jeans style, if I were to buy another pair, I would a) go into a store to try them on (a bit tricky given COVID and all), and b) consider sizing up, if the more oversized fit is the desired look.

Would recommend? Yes, if you find the Ribcage fit too high a rise. But, if you're looking for a more figure-fitting cut with more consistent sizing, I'd go with the Wedgie Straight.

Check them out online here.

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These look great on you!