All about accessories ...

August 29, 2011

One thing I can never fully understand is peoples' unwillingness to accessorize.

I realize people are busy and in a rush, or they spent so much on that jacket/jeans/blouse that they couldn't add in some new accessories, but the value of a great piece of jewelry should never be underestimated!

I look at it the same way I view virtually everything in life ... that the key to success is organization.

If a person has a few ... often inexpensive, jewelry pieces that are well-organized and easy to grab, they will more often than not ... well, accessorize.

Personally, I keep the majority of my jewelry in craft-store sheer bags that hang for easy access within my jewelry container. This allows me to see and grab whatever I need to really add a visual 'bang' to the day's outfit.

Because let's face it ... you don't have to be wearing a statement outfit to make a statement.

Wear, oh wear ...

August 28, 2011

My sister wore this outfit for a picnic and I absolutely adored it.

There are some many spot-on elements in it that, together, the details meld into seamless perfection.

She chose to couple an indigo pair of just-the-right-length jean shorts with a whimsical and delicate silk rosebud tank.

But ...

It's the outfit's accessories that really hit this out of the park for me though.

She chose to add a killer white and crystal Toy Watch on one arm and a pale yellow Chanel bangle and clear lucite Louis Vuitton bangle on the other.

Pure, picnic perfection.

Wear, oh wear ...

August 27, 2011

I fully love the idea of the maxi dress.

To me - if it's worn well and in the proper shape for your body- then there's really nothing that could be more flattering.

This Greek goddess-inspired version is a must-have for virtually everyone's closet. Flow-y and beautiful, the delicate cream crepe is soft and feminine.

For a day look I paired it with a braided leather belt and nude gladiator sandals in an attempt to ground this ethereal maxi. I added a cropped jean jacket in the evening for an added casual vibe.

In my opinion, it's important for people to integrate flashy/fancy pieces into their daily wardrobes. Don't get me wrong -I'm not talking prom-dress-style fancy- just a touch of luxe.

Because I guarantee ... if you do ... you'll be the centre of attention.

My first Chanel bag ... black caviar GST with gold hardware

August 24, 2011

Everyone has goals and benchmarks set for themselves, and for me, one was to own my own Chanel handbag.

All about accessories: Chanel pearl necklace

August 22, 2011

Chanel pearl necklace.Every jewelry box has a showcase centre piece and this Chanel necklace fits the bill.

My sister purchased this bauble at the store in Paris at 42 Avenue Montaigne last year while we were travelling in the summer.

Though it's made of only semi-precious material ... it still cost her an arm and a leg, nonetheless, it's a timeless accessory piece to have in one's collection.

In short ... I can't wait to steal it from her.

All about accessories ... Alexis Bittar

August 17, 2011

Rarely will I ascribe to hype over high-priced 'costume jewelry,' however, I continually make the exception with the designer Alexis Bittar.

Offered in an array of candy-coloured and season-centric colours, the hand-carved lucite designs are a simple throw-on for virtually any outfit and a celebrity favourite with the likes of Olivia Palermo, Beyoncé and Cameron Diaz.

My favourite pieces in my personal collection include an array of bangles and a statement necklace I wore in another blog post.

Wear, oh wear ...

August 16, 2011

If you've been paying attention to the Fall fashion previews, you will know that boxy, flowy tops will be a continuing trend that gets even larger.

Personally, I welcome the continuation of this look, so in order to prepare, I recently purchased this polyester, sheer version from Forever 21 for $27.

This blouse has a great front-button contraption that allows you to wear it secure and slightly structured, or open, with loose ruffles. Love!

Paired with skinny Ponte pants from The Bay, a handbag from Marc by Marc Jacobs and a killer (literally, these things HURT) gold-horseshoe emblazoned flats from Topshop in Edinburgh, Scotland - this outfit is a solid choice for work or a first date. Enjoy!

Back to basics: Silk Joe Fresh blouse and Louis Vuitton pouch

August 15, 2011

Channel your inner Kate Middleton with a touch of classic silk.

Though I do love the idea of a great silk sheath dress like the one worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, because of the delicate nature of the fabric, they're often difficult to wear and totally high maintenance.

For my take on the look I chose a great silk blouse from Joe Fresh and a pair of high-waisted shorts from Forever 21.

Any outfit benefits from a great clutch, so I added this Louis Vuitton accessory pouch, which I choose to carry as a small envelope bag.

This outfit would be great with heels for a night out on the town, or with fierce gladiator sandals and a huge carryall bag for a chic shopping day!

Wear, oh wear ...

August 14, 2011

Some outfits just scream 'Shopping Weekend' and this outfit is one of 'em!

These Lyocell pants from Wilfred for Aritzia were a recent acquisition ... and I completely ADORE them!

I paired them with a simple, racerback tank from Bershka, which I purchased on a trip to Belgium.

This look would look great with gladiator sandals, platform wood wedges, or -like I chose to do here- with a shiny set of brogues from Aldo.

The handbag choice is a Stam bag from Marc Jacobs, which is great to look at, but terrible to carry as it's extremely heavy.

So, with a handbag change, I forcast this becoming my weekend uniform for the foreseeable future!

All about accessories ...

August 11, 2011

I used to shy away from huge, bobble-type necklaces with the worry they'd make my large frame appear, well ... larger.

However, after seeing countless variations in countless magazines, I finally decided to give the 'statement necklace' a try.

The version I chose is this gold, cord and chain piece from The Bay, which I scored on the clearance table for a mere $7.

I paired it with a block of basic dark colours including: indigo skinnies, a black tank from Wal-Mart, and my favourite gold-emblem Tory Burch flats.

The outfit felt casually dressy and the necklace lent an undeniable polish to an ordinary look!

So, go ahead ... wear a huge, statement necklace. You won't regret it.

Wear, oh wear ...

August 10, 2011

In the summer, it's important to celebrate the sunshine with a punch of colour in your outfit.

This ruffle-neckline, racerback silk tank from Forever 21 is one of my favourite wardrobe options for said sun salutations.

Paired with indigo skinny jeans and a killer gold-chain handbag from Halston Heritage, this outfit is a great option for a quick day of errands, or pair it with a fitted blazer for a day at the office.

Everlasting lover: Louis Vuitton canvas classics

August 9, 2011

Louis Vuitton Canvas Speedy, Damier Speedy 30 and Keepall.
Safe to say it's correct to file a certain bag away on your personal 'Classics' list when you realize you have it in multiple variations and colours.

That bag for me is the Louis Vuitton Speedy.

Described as the "first-ever carry all city bag," it's rumoured the bag was re-designed for style icon, Audrey Hepburn.

Now, I'm certainly of no iconic fashion status, however, I do love this bag! Light-weight and extremely roomy, I find it works perfectly for daytime or travel.

I chose to purchase the LV carryall as well for travel purposes, though I find it bulky and somewhat annoying without a shoulder strap. But, I digress ...

A classic bag can come at any cost, it just needs to be a structured shape in a quality material.

Let's face it, you have a signature hairstyle, a signature scent, isn't it time you have a signature handbag?

Wear, oh wear ...

August 8, 2011

Nothing dresses up a simple jeans and T-shirt like a blazer and a great bag.

For this look, I chose to pair a tote from Gucci's resort line with a soft pink blazer from Forever 21. It's fun to pair subdued colours with denim that help to ease the weight of a denim-heavy look.

The jeans are True Religion brand and I chose to tuck them in to the top of a pair of flashy gold gladiator sandals from Old Navy. Cheap and chic!

Style wrap ...

August 6, 2011

Judging by my previous posts, one might assume I have an obsession with handbags and blazers.

And though I might agree (However, I would call it a preference ...) it is a requirement that I add another item to my special list of favourites: Scarves.

There is something so luxurious about wrapping a sleek scarf around your neck. They're like a jewelry accessory that parlays as a functional piece of clothing.

So, when on a trip to New York City I was afforded the opportunity to stop in to the Hermés by Central Park, I felt compelled to at least LOOK.

Unfortunately for my wallet, LOOK is not all that I did, however.

I purchased this orange confection because it's classic, beautiful and bright. The delicate designs on each panel are at once bold yet slightly subdued. Personally, I love the air of sophisticated equestrienne that Hermés is built upon. It's exactly what I strive to be.

Don't get me wrong, a great scarf can cost you $2 or $2,000, but every once in a while, it's great to treat yourself to a little piece of timeless luxury.

Now, bring me my steed!

Simply stylish

August 5, 2011

Stylish and simple ... that's how I would describe this outfit.

With virtually every store, from Target to Neiman Marcus, offering some variation of a skinny pant and a whimsical tank, a replication of an outfit like this is both easy and attainable.

For my look, I chose a blush-tone tank from Aritzia. This top is made of a thick, luxurious silk and offers just the right amount of pajama-top chic. The black pants and pink suede pumps are both from The Bay.

One way to set yourself apart with ANY outfit, and this one is no exception, is to accessorize well. In order to compliment and frame the soft tank, I chose to load up on arm candy.

An arm-full of bangles from Forever 21 provide a punch of hardware, while the Delightful GM Louis Vuitton bag rounds out the look with a bit of functional luxury.

Now, let's go shopping.

Wear, oh wear ...

August 2, 2011

My sister and I put this outfit together for a hipster boat cruise she was going on.

This skirt from Forever 21 is an absolute knock-out choice for virtually any occasion involving alcohol. It makes me want to say ... "Oh, na na. What's my name." - If you catch my drift.

We paired it with a simple, racerback silk tank and a casual jean jacket for when the sun set on the water.

The punch of colour added by the adorable Marc By Marc Jacobs cross-body bag, paired with the heavy dose of necklace artillery add just enough quirky polish to the otherwise-casual outfit.

Personally, I can't WAIT to re-wear this skirt with a white silk tank, black blazer and platform pumps for a downtown-for-drinks kind of night.

Now, take me to my yacht!

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