All about accessories ...

One thing I can never fully understand is peoples' unwillingness to accessorize.

I realize people are busy and in a rush, or they spent so much on that jacket/jeans/blouse that they couldn't add in some new accessories, but the value of a great piece of jewelry should never be underestimated!

I look at it the same way I view virtually everything in life ... that the key to success is organization.

If a person has a few ... often inexpensive, jewelry pieces that are well-organized and easy to grab, they will more often than not ... well, accessorize.

Personally, I keep the majority of my jewelry in craft-store sheer bags that hang for easy access within my jewelry container. This allows me to see and grab whatever I need to really add a visual 'bang' to the day's outfit.

Because let's face it ... you don't have to be wearing a statement outfit to make a statement.