Simply stylish

Stylish and simple ... that's how I would describe this outfit.

With virtually every store, from Target to Neiman Marcus, offering some variation of a skinny pant and a whimsical tank, a replication of an outfit like this is both easy and attainable.

For my look, I chose a blush-tone tank from Aritzia. This top is made of a thick, luxurious silk and offers just the right amount of pajama-top chic. The black pants and pink suede pumps are both from The Bay.

One way to set yourself apart with ANY outfit, and this one is no exception, is to accessorize well. In order to compliment and frame the soft tank, I chose to load up on arm candy.

An arm-full of bangles from Forever 21 provide a punch of hardware, while the Delightful GM Louis Vuitton bag rounds out the look with a bit of functional luxury.

Now, let's go shopping.