This collaboration collection is all about celebrating your inner (and outer) Girlboss

Brunette the Label x Girlboss set

Brunette the Label x Girlboss set

Am I in 'My Girlboss Era'?

It's a question I posed to Instagram — and myself — recently, as I shared this super-sweet set. 

Part of a limited-edition collaboration between Vancouver-based brand Brunette the Label and the female-empowerment community Girlboss, the nine-piece collection features slogans and sayings such as 'In My Girlboss Era' and 'Recovering People Pleaser.' 

The timing of this collection, for me, couldn't be better suited. My head has been full of career-oriented considerations lately as I face my 12th year in my current role. A few themes in my thoughts involve engagement, inspiration, advancement ... the list goes on. 

So, from a personal perspective, I love the idea of a community that aims to empower a person through the various stages of life and career. Information sharing is, after all, an important part of development, both as an individual and a collective. 

All that to say, at this point, I'm still pondering that question about my own 'Girlboss' status. 

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