Quo Summer 2018 Limited Edition Collection: A quick review

Quo Summer 2018 Limited Edition Collection: A quick review

What it is: From Shoppers Drug Mart’s in-house beauty brand, comes a summer update full of the oh-so right-now hologram trend.

Beauty bonus: None of the products are over $10, so if you’re not sure about the hologram thing, this is a good collection to try it out without making too much of an investment.

Beauty bummer: Not a huge bummer if you are a scent-free person, but the products didn’t really have that much scent. It’s a fine balance, too little or too much turns us off but none at all just smells chemical-y.

Overall: We loved the subtle hologram hits these products gave.

The lip gloss, while pretty, was a bit of a thinner consistency than we like, but it gave lips a pretty kiss of shine. The eye cream, while quite understated, is stunning in the sunlight, giving mermaid-inspired eyes in one easy swipe. #love!

Don’t expect big colour pay off though, as these lid glosses give a subtle hit of hue. For a more dramatic look, consider layering a high-impact powder colour with the cream.

Our standout product in this collection was the illuminating drops. The consistency was thicker than we expected, but with a big shake and a lighter hand, it blended well leaving a very light feel on skin. We were impressed with the glow it gave skin — not at all glittery and very tasteful.

Would recommend? The Illuminating drops, brush kit and eye cream, yes. The lip gloss, maybe.
Price: From $10
Where to buy: Shoppers Drug Mart