Life Brand Skin Care Collection: A quick review

Life Brand Skin Care Collection: A quick review

What it is: A collection of treatments for face and feet to keep skin pampered, hydrated and clear.

Beauty bonus: The mud mask left our skin feeling wonderful, very smooth and supple.

Beauty bummer: The foot mask, while innovative, wasn't our thing. The bag format felt unpleasant and slimy on our feet.

Overall: These products are a good value for what they accomplish.

The sheet masks are always useful for a mid-week hit of hydration and a mud mask is our bi-weekly detox to maintain a smooth texture. Why? Well, while we like sheet masks, we find the benefits are more subtle than with a mud mask.

(User's note: Beware with any detoxifying mud mask however, these usually are a bit more intense with a mild warmth felt when applied.)

We have found mud masks are particularly good to our skin improving texture, appearance and clarity almost every time. At under $2, these masks can easily be incorporated into everyone's beauty routine — no matter how tight the budget.

Would recommend? The mud masks? Yes. The sheet masks? Yes. The foot masks? Probably not.
Price: From $1.67 each
Where to buy: Shoppers Drug Mart