Bliss Spa Mask-a-"Peel" Complexion Clearing Rubberizing Mask

Bliss Spa Mask-a-"Peel" Complexion Clearing Rubberizing Mask quick review

What it is: A mix-at-home face mask formulated with Viitamin C, Seaweed and Bilberry Extract to brighten, detoxify and nourish skin. The rubberized mask format helps to tone and re-texturize skin.

Beauty bonus: Skin felt especially soft immediately after use.

Beauty bummer: The scent was less than appealing. All we could smell was the seaweed extract, making it smell like we were standing on the beach ... at low tide ... in a pile of stinky seaweed. (So. Not. Ideal.)

Overall: This mask was fun and interactive. Coming in a powder form in a yogurt container-like cup, we added water as per the instructions and mixed it into a smooth paste.

The idea is the most fun, but the mixing, not so much.The powder was very fine and required us to mix with care so it didn't get everywhere.

Applying the mask was quite soothing and watching the dry-down was actually really cool. When we removed the rubbery mask, our skin felt smooth and hydrated. Plus, the mask's texture allows it to reveal every nook and cranny of your face on the underside of the mask — super neat!

But, as stated in the bummers above, the smell kind of killed it for us.

Would recommend? Probably not. We loved the results, but couldn't get beyond the scent.

Price: $38 for 3 individually packaged treatments
Where to buy: Sephora