SKYE Footwear 'Rbutus' sneaker: A quick review

SKYE Footwear Rbutus: A quick review

What it is: A new collection of shoes from the Vancouver-based brand SKYE Footwaer. The Rbutus sneaker features a sleek, laceless upper and a comfy sole.

Bonus: I loved the slip-on design — no pesky laces here!

Bummer: The textile upper got a bit dirty fast in the stark-white version. Even with protecting spray.

Overall: There's a lot to like about this footwear brand. From the sleek design of the three footwear styles — The Rbutus, The Lons and The Powll — to the #shoplocal element of the Vancouver-based design team, SKYE Footwear is worth taking a second look at.

The Rbutus is a stylish shoe that feels as good on your feet as it looks, which as we all know, can be rare. I wore these straight out of the box for a few hours of walking and was impressed with how comfy they were right from the start. No breaking in here!

While the shoes boast a look that's somewhat familiar — think if the Nike Roshe and the Adidas Yeezy had a slightly preppier baby — they're also unique enough to make me feel like these shoes are something I've never quite seen before. And, therefore, needed to add to my closet ASAP. :P

Would recommend? Yes! If you're looking for a sleek walking shoe that doesn't take any breaking in, these are definitely worth checking out.
Price: $129
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