Shoppers Drug Mart summer picks: A quick review

Shoppers Drug Mart summer picks: A quick review

What it is: A roundup of our favourite summer beauty staples from Shoppers Drug Mart.

Beauty bonus: From sunscreen and after-sun wipes, to lip balm and budge-proof makeup, this roundup encapsulates all the summer beauty essentials.

Beauty bummer: None, really.

Overall: Summer requires a special tweak to our go-to beauty routines.

Makeup becomes more lightweight, sunscreen becomes more powerful, lip protection gets more ... well, you get the point.

This roundup of goodies from Shoppers Drug Mart ensures all our warm-weather skincare needs are covered.

While we're already big fans of the YESto and Sun Bum lines, it was the Quo brow goodies that has us even more excited than normal (because, getting beauty goodies in the mail never gets old!).

The soft pencil gives brows quick and foolproof definition, that stays in place throughout the day (water play not withstanding).

Would recommend? Yes! There are plenty of great warm-weather products at good price points.

Price: From $2
Where to get: Shoppers Drug Mart