Coach 1941 Dinky handbag: A quick review

Coach 1940 Dinky handbag review vancouver fashion blogger

Coach 1940 Dinky handbag review vancouver fashion blogger monogram

What it is: A cross-body leather bag from the Coach 1941 collection that features glove-tanned leather (other exterior options including floral cutouts and exotics also available!), a turnlock closure and full-leather lining. 

Dimensions: 9” L x 5” H x  2” W

Pros: The is bag is sleek and simple. It resembles the more timeless (and time-tested) silhouettes of the early Coach years. 

Cons: The turnlock hardware — at least in the black — is finicky and fragile. My bag has lost some of the black finish after less than a month! #notcool

Coach 1940 Dinky handbag review vancouver fashion blogger

Overall: I’m going to start this review off by saying that I legit bought this bag. I had a small GC for Coach that I put toward it, but the majority of the purchase was paid for by moi. 

Also, I bought it before I saw it was gifted to a bunch of influencers, which I kind of now hate because I feel like I (a) either look like I got it in the influencer mailing initiative or (b) am trying to look like I did. *sigh 

With that said, I really enjoy this simple cross-body design from Coach (hence why I bought it in the first place). It has minimal branding, is sleek and functional — without any of the gimmicky additions of some of the brand’s release. (Although, I’m OBSESSED with this bag in the new suede-and-fringe version!) 

The all-leather interior adds a touch of unexpected luxe, that is usually reserved for the much (much!) higher-priced brands. 

I also like that the inside of the bag include a separate coin purse section with a retro clasp closure. 

The size of the bag is completely adequate for a small bag (although it now also comes in a larger variety). I can easily fit a small wallet, iPhone 6, lipstick and keys inside without feeling like I’m cramming the items in there.  See it in action here and here

But, here’s my big beef with this bag. As I mentioned in the cons section above, the turnlock hardware has already lost some of the black finish, showing the copper-coloured metal underneath.

While I'm not above a little patina showing on my bags, I don't expect that "character" to pop up quite so soon after I purchase it. I saw the same thing happening on the display bag in store, but I though, nah, it won't happen to my bag because I'm too careful.

Well, I was wrong. 

Would I recommend? Yes, it's a fun, functional and affordable all-leather handbag. I've been wearing it on repeat on the weekends — and have even picked up a bag charm or two to customize it (including an ah-mazing pizza slice!). Just, MAYBE, don't go for the ones with coated hardware. 
Price: From $295 

Where to buy: Coach stores and online at


Cee said…
This is entirely unrelated to the review of the bag, but - is that an apple cheddar croissant from Creme de la Crumb that I spy in these photos? My favourite guilty pleasure!!
Aleesha said…
Good eye, Cee! It IS a apple and cheddar scone from Creme de la Crumb. ;)

Anonymous said…
Hi did you get your purse monogrammed at coach? Is it gold monogramming? Great review :-)

Aleesha said…
Hi Tamara! Thanks for the comment. :) Yes, I got it monogrammed at the. Coach store when I bought it. I chose the gold foil in the larger size font. Hope this helps!