Beauty DIY: Sigma brush cleaning mat dupe

 Beauty DIY: Sigma brush cleaning mat dupe
What it is: A new beauty hack we're excited to share with you! Cleaning your makeup brushes is important to reduce cross-contamination of products and to avoid clogging pores.

The Sigma cleaning mat is a popular choice for keeping brushes squeaky clean, but at more than $30, it's not exactly cheap. So rather than shell out the big bucks, we found a way to clean our brushes — for much less!

Beauty bonus: At $2 (yes, $2!), this hack is seriously budget-friendly.

Beauty bummer: There really isn't one, other than the Sigma brush matt is larger and has a few different textured areas on it.

Overall: One problem, we know first world, of this blog is we want EVERYTHING we see on our favourite companies Insta-feeds.

Our budgets, however, have some very different ideas.

So, while we were endlessly lusting after the Sigma brush-cleaning mats, we had a serious ah-ha moment at our fave Japanese dollar store (Daiso, we love you!).

Peeping a silicone pot holder/heat protector, we thought, it's perfect! The grips are excellent at cleaning bristles and the baby shampoo we picked up at Walmart does a great job of removing buildup with over-drying natural-bristle brushes.

Would recommend? Absolutely!
Price: Approximately $2
Where to buy: Daiso ... or your local dollar store