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August 31, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Sanuk Kat Meow shoes blogger

I love being surprised by brands — and I don't mean with presents.

When a fashion purveyor releases a collection or piece that is surprisingly stylish and a bit boundary pushing, it's a win-win for everyone (the brand and the shoppers) and it's something I like to celebrate.

These printed flats from Sanuk are just one such release.

I have found the entire Kat collection to be super stylish, easy to wear and always comfortable, of course — factors that have served to draw me further into the Sanuk fold. (See more of my Sanuk Kat collection here and here.) 

Not that me, or my feet, are complaining.

Happy Monday and thank you for stopping by!

Shoes: Sanuk c/o | Jacket: Aritzia | Jeans: Topshop | Shirt: Forever 21 | Bag: Coach | Jewelry: Birks, Movado, Tiffany and Co. 
Aritzia Babaton trench blogger

Weekend shop: Bench Canada Fall 2015 top picks

August 28, 2015

Weekend shop: Bench Canada Fall 2015 top picks

I love autumn!

From the cozy knit hats to the cute ankle boots — and everything in between! — I can't get enough of this chill season.

That's why, when a brand rolls out an Autumn/Winter collection chock full of some of my favourite types of cool-weather fashion options, I just can't get enough.

Case in point: the latest release from Bench.

This is a brand that I had honestly overlooked for quite a while. But in recent seasons ... let's just say, they've been grabbing my attention. (See examples of my Bench love here, here and here.)

The Autumn/Winter 2015  range boasts a slew of pieces that I could imagine adding to my winter wardrobe. (Including but not limited the pieces pictured above!)

I can imagine wearing:
- The blue tunic turtleneck (1) for comfy cozy weekends come winter.
- The cute hat (2) from the streets to the stables and on to the slopes.
- The snow-white coat when I'm so cold my face is about to freeze off and I'm cursing the existence of the entire winter season (this is inevitable).
- The fuzzy hoody (4) over a black midi dress for an unexpected hit of texture (didn't see that coming, did ya?)
- And the skinny-jeans-and-boots-meets-casual-coat-and-hoody look (5), well, just about everywhere.

See, I've got it all planned out.

And just because more is always more, I have these four fancies on my fall wish list too. It looks like it's going to be a grey winter in more ways than one.

I will wear this with everything, I promise.

Because you can never have too many black tote bags, right?!

With a pair of sneakers and a chambray shirt — like, duh.

Is it a sweater? Is it a dress? I don't know, but I like it.

Shop the full Fall 2015 Bench collection here.

And as if it didn't get any cooler than the already pretty cool (or is it warm!? :P) clothes, the brand partnered with U.K. recording artist Jess Glynne for the latest collection. Let's just say I've been lurking the brand's Instagram just a leee-ttle bit more than usual because of it. #truth

Check out a few of the snaps below:

Post sponsored by Bench Canada

White and ivory

August 26, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Forever 21 eyelet crop top, Aritzia Babaton Jude skirt and Prada saffiano handbag

It's funny how some colour pairings can be so contentious — blue and green, pink and red, orange and ... well, you get the point.

But what about white and ivory?

I, for one, love this pairing but my sister, who is often the one behind the lens of Covet and Acquire, hates it.

Too bad for her, though, because I still made her shoot these photos. Hehe. #sisterproblems

Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by.

Top: Forever 21 | Skirt: Aritzia | Bag: Prada | Sandals: Aldo | Sunglasses: Le Chateau c/o

Forever 21 eyelet crop top, Aritzia Babaton Jude skirt and Prada saffiano handbag

Rimmel Wonder'lash Lift Me Up mascara: A quick review

August 24, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Rimmel Wonder'lash Lift Me Up mascara: A quick review

What it is: A mascara formulated with cucumber extract and vitamins to condition lashes all day long.

Beauty bonus: The hourglass-shaped brush makes application easy and mess-free. And the cucumber scent is quite nice, too.

Beauty bummer: If you're looking for out-to-there length from a mascara, this one isn't for you.

Overall: This mascara is an OK choice from Rimmel, which is a drugstore brand that we've come to expect big things from.

It delivered good coverage that lasted all day without a flake in sight — and surprisingly, the light cucumber scent is pleasant. Who knew lashes could be perfumed?

While it didn't provide spectacular length, this mascara definitely left lashes feeling decidedly un-crispy.

Would recommend: We like a mascara that gives falsie lash-like results — who doesn't? — and this one fell a little short. The cucumber extract makes for a fun experience, but we might just skip picking up another tube.

Price: $6-$8
Where to buy: Drugstores nationwide
—Review by Covet and Acquire Beauty Editor Kirsten Harris

Weekend shop: 5 must-have jumpsuits for fall

August 21, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Weekend shop: 5 must-have jumpsuits for fall

It has been a while since I've put together a weekend shop — and I think it's time to change that.

Jumpsuits are an all-in-one outfit that is as easy to throw on as jeans and a tee ... and is about 1,000 times more chic.

Looking for a fun new style for fall? Shop five of my faves above. (Full confession: I already bought no. 1 and no.5!)

Happy Friday and thank you for stopping by!

Fall blues

August 19, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Vancouver fashion blogger summer early fall outfit idea

I can't even lie  — the ever-so-slight feeling of fall in the air has me feeling excited.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not loving the sunny weather of summer, but it's just that I'm excited to have an excuse to pull out some of my lightweight knits.

That's why when there was even the slightest hint of sweater weather in Vancouver last week, I pulled out this knit tunic.

But whether you agree with me or not on the excitement-factor of fall, we can at least agree that I scored the highest points possible with this outfit because there's no black pieces in it. (read more on that here) At all.

I'm so proud of myself. :P

Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by!

Sweater: Forever 21 | Pants: J.Crew | Bag: Chanel | Sandals: Loeffler Randall (on major sale!) | Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. | Sunglasses: Ray Ban
CHANEL French Riviera handbag

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence: A quick review

August 17, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence: A quick review

What it is: A lightweight, hydrating face spritz that contains bio-identical hyaluronic acid that leaves skin looking plumped and toned. Cruelty free.

Beauty bonus: With its non-toxic formulation, this natural product is a powerhouse of healthy hydration for your skin.

Beauty bummer: The mist is a bit coarse when sprayed.

Overall: This oil-free face spray is quite refreshing on skin, working to draw moisture from the air for extended hydration.

We used it in the morning to rev up our moisturizer and help to minimize the look of pores.

Be prepared for a natural scent as this product has no artificial fragrances.

Would recommend? Yes! For a non-toxic, cruelty-free face spray, this is as good as it gets — just be prepared to pay for the quality.
Price: $81
Where to buy: Beauty Mark
—Review by Covet and Acquire Beauty Editor Kirsten Harris

Pumpkin tie

August 14, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Babaton Freddie dress Aritzia summer outfit 90s style inspiration
I'm continuing on my quest to wear less black as the summer comes to a close.

And while I feel like I'm sometimes often coming up short of my goal, I consider this look — what with the burnt orangey maxi dress — a step in a very right direction. Even with the all-black accents including this amazing leather backpack and my go-to ankle boots.

But despite all my headway, I know there are darker days ahead as I'm positive I will be reverting back to my (and every other fashion fans') favourite shade: black.

Happy Friday and thank you for stopping by!

Dress: Babton 'Freddie' | Flannel: Old Navy | Black leather backpack: Six Eleven 'Xander' | Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Boots: Anine Bing 'Lou' | Jewelry: Tiffany & Co. Atlas, Movado and Birks 'Rock and Pearl'
 Babaton Freddie dress Aritzia summer outfit 90s style inspiration

Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner: A quick review

August 12, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner: A quick review

What it is: Benefit They're Real! Push-up Liner is a 24-hour wear, smudge-proof eyeliner that is now available in five eye-catching colours to provide the perfect lined look — from barely there to dramatic cat eye.

Beauty bonus: The gel texture provides saturated colour, making on-trend looks a cinch.

Beauty bummer: Not really a bummer so much as it is an F.Y.I factor — this liner has some major staying power, so a makeup remover is a must. (The brand's They're Real! Remover does the trick!) 

Overall: This gel liner is an interesting offering with it's flexible silicone tip. 

The shape lends itself to creating the perfect cat eye, but it won't come right away. We had to practice on our hands a few times to figure out the flow of the product as it can get a bit thick. 

Once on though, this liner stays put all day — and beyond. 

And the new saturated shades (which see blue, brown, green and purple added to the original black release!) make playing with colour a snap. 

Would recommend? Probably — the tricky application makes it a bit of a struggle at first, but if you're a longtime liner user looking for a long-lasting formula, this one's for you. 

Price: $31
Where to buy: Sephora 
—Review by Covet and Acquire Beauty Editor Kirsten Harris

True to a reader's review below, we have kind of fallen out of love with this liner. While we were initially pleased with the gel-pen hybrid liner, we found that it dried out really quickly and became flaky and difficult to apply. In short: it's really only good when it's super fresh out of the box. 

Weekend overflow

August 10, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Gap Boyfriend jeans outfit idea

I know, I know, it's Monday — but I can't quite get out of weekend mode yet.

Hence this outfit, which is basically a VIP in my weekend wardrobe.

Soft tank, boyfriend jeans, sneakers and a killer bag ... yep, that's pretty much all I live in when I'm not on the clock.

What's your weekend wardrobe staple?

Jeans: Gap (on sale!) | Tank: Zara | Shoes: Adidas Superstar | Bag: Proenza Schouler | Jewelry: Birks 'Rock and Pearl', Movado and Tiffany and Co.

Gap Boyfriend jeans outfit idea easy summer

Katy Perry's Mad Potion fragrance: A quick review

August 7, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Katy Perry's Mad Potion fragrance: A quick review

What it is: The newest fragrance from pop star Katy Perry that evokes her playful personality in a sweet-smelling spritz.

Beauty bonus: With three different vanilla notes, this fragrance is warm and sweet.

Beauty bummer: Add in all the other sweet notes (vanilla orchid, peony, apple musk, Bourbon vanilla, jasmine petals, musk and amber!) packed into this pink-bottled scent, and it's all a bit saccharine for our noses.

Overall: With its bountiful vanilla notes and quirky packaging, this fragrance makes us think of the carnival — conjuring up memories of sugary cotton candy and sticky, syrupy sodas.

But while we enjoy our fond memories of admiring the lights and smells of those summertime nights, we don't necessarily want to smell like them all day.

Combine all that sweetness with floral and amber notes and, we have to admit, we just couldn't fall under this potion's spell.

Would recommend? Probably not — if you're looking for a first-time scent, this is a great place to start. But otherwise, this sweet scent might just turn sour for those with a more refined nose.

Price: $60 for 50mL
Where to buy: Shoppers Drug Mart

— Review by Covet and Acquire Beauty Editor Kirsten Harris 

Wonder Pant

August 5, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Le Chateau Wonder Pant outfit blogger

When leggings took over the shopping scene several years ago, I have to admit, I happily waded into the trend — despite their initially unsupportive (and sometimes see-through!) tendencies.

But these sleek silhouetted trousers have come a long way from the workout wear-esque pieces they once were.

Thanks to more supportive fabrics such as ponte (if you're not familiar with it, it's time you two got acquainted), leggings have become a whole lot more respectable — and chic.

Dubbed the Wonder Pant, these pull-on pants from Le Chateau are made of the uber-stretchy material, which also happens to be blessedly supportive. Praise!

With a tummy-smoothing panel in the front ('cause we could all use a little help there!), they're sure to become a staple in my work-to-weekend wardrobe.

Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by!

Pants, top, tank and shoes: Le Chateau c/o 
| Sunglasses: Ray Ban | Bag: Gucci | Jewelry: Tiffany and Co., Birks, Movado

Gucci Disco crossbody bag

Calvin Klein Eternity Now for women fragrance: A quick review

August 3, 2015 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Calvin Klein Eternity Now for women fragrance: A quick review

What it is: The newest fragrance by long-time scent powerhouse Calvin Klein (CK One, anyone?), this fresh, floral offering is bright and luminous. Available in a his and hers iteration. 

Beauty bonus: With notes of juicy nectarine and neroli petals, this fragrance stays away from a full-on floral affair.

Beauty bummer: The drydown to soft cashmere leaves a slightly powdery scent, making us wish the bright top notes had a little more staying power.

Overall: Calvin Klein Eternity Now for Her fragrance continues on the established path of florals that the original Eternity scent has blazed. 

The clean lines of the bottle echo the sophistication of the scent — it's not too young and manages to steer clear of the heaviness that can sometimes accompany florals. Win-win.

Would recommend? Yes. This classic, clean scent is perfect as a staple in your fragrance arsenal.

Price: $78 for 50 mL
Where to buy: Hudson's Bay

—Review by Covet and Acquire beauty editor Kirsten Harris

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