Rimmel Wonder'lash Lift Me Up mascara: A quick review

Rimmel Wonder'lash Lift Me Up mascara: A quick review

What it is: A mascara formulated with cucumber extract and vitamins to condition lashes all day long.

Beauty bonus: The hourglass-shaped brush makes application easy and mess-free. And the cucumber scent is quite nice, too.

Beauty bummer: If you're looking for out-to-there length from a mascara, this one isn't for you.

Overall: This mascara is an OK choice from Rimmel, which is a drugstore brand that we've come to expect big things from.

It delivered good coverage that lasted all day without a flake in sight — and surprisingly, the light cucumber scent is pleasant. Who knew lashes could be perfumed?

While it didn't provide spectacular length, this mascara definitely left lashes feeling decidedly un-crispy.

Would recommend: We like a mascara that gives falsie lash-like results — who doesn't? — and this one fell a little short. The cucumber extract makes for a fun experience, but we might just skip picking up another tube.

Price: $6-$8
Where to buy: Drugstores nationwide
—Review by Covet and Acquire Beauty Editor Kirsten Harris