Weekend shop: Effortless Easter dresses

Effortless Easter dresses

I have always loved Easter. 

And though I'd like to say it's specific religious links, or even the Easter bunny himself, that is to thank for this love, but I know in actuality — it's all thanks to my mom. 

Growing up, no matter how hard times were for our family, she always made sure my sisters and I had a nice new dress to wear to church on Easter Sunday. 

Even if the dress was secondhand, and therefore was only new to me, I was always so proud of my new duds. And since then, my sisters and I have always treated this holiday as a special occasion worth dressing up for. 

It's funny how certain things just stick with you. 

Above you'll find a few dresses that I've had my eye on this season, and though I'm trying to be good and watch my pennies right now ... if I had my way, I'd be wearing any one of these festive frocks for this year's family get-together. 

Happy Easter weekend, everyone!