Video: Review of the Auxiliary Calisch handbag from Aritzia

Aritzia Auxiliary Calisch cross body review Celine comparison
Brand: Auxiliary
Style:  Calisch
Dimensions: 5.9"H x 8.2"W x 2" D
Colour: Green 
Made in: 
Material: Leather
Interior material: Canvas

Pros: The leather on the Auxiliary Calisch bag is soft and looks expensive — belying it's $250 price tag. 

The three compartments are spacious for a smallish cross-body bag and allow for ample carrying of a day's necessities. The small zipper compartment adds a nice, if standard, touch of security.

The closure straps are strong and aren't prone to flopping open. 
Whether worn cross-body or on the shoulder, this bag is nicely balanced and doesn't feel too swingy. 

Cons: There isn't too much bad to say about this bag. 

Some people might hate how comparable it is, design-wise, to a Celine Trio bag — but once you get past that, it's a nice addition to the cross-body category. 

Overall: It's bags like this that make me excited to see what else the in-houseAuxiliary design team at Aritzia comes up with. 

I love that they have thought through usability, while not making the bags look too, well, basic. 

I think this bag is a key piece for anyone who's looking for a understated bag for everyday, weekends or travel. 

And I'm lusting after this season's colours, especially the cornflower blue. 

Would recommend? Yes. If you're looking for an understated, easy-to-organize bag that has the classic look of a Celine Trio but won't break the bank — this is it.

Aritzia Auxiliary Calisch cross body review Celine comparisonAritzia Auxiliary Calisch cross body review Celine comparison


Chloë Gordon said…
I visit this bag regularly at Aritzia, so thanks for the review! Maybe this will happen this summer. I have the Vanderlyn tote by Auxiliary and honestly I'm a bit underwhelmed. After a few weeks it got super floppy and now the sides don't stay up on their own when I put it down. Really annoying :\ It's really spacious and of nice quality, but if I were to do it over again I don't think I would buy it!

xo Chloe
Aleesha said…
It's a goodie, Chloe. That's such a shame about the Vanerlyn. I had looked at that tote, too, and am glad I didn't now that I've read your thoughts on it! Such a shame.

Thanks for the feedback.