The Body Shop Smoky 2 In 1 Gel Liner: A quick review

August 26, 2014

The Body Shop Smoky 2 In 1 Gel Liner: A quick review

What it is: A gel liner that doubles as a brow intensifier. The Body Shop Smoky 2 In 1 Gel Liner is enriched with Community Fair trade Marula oil.  

Beauty bonus: A built-in brush makes this product a toss-in-your-bag-and-go item.

Beauty bummer: The teeny, tiny brush can be a little bit difficult to wield with precision. 

Overall: I haven't used many potted gel liners, so dipping into this tub was a bit daunting. But I was pleasantly surprised by the relatively easy application using the built-in brush. 

I didn't try the gel as a brow intensifier, but after seeing the application as an eyeliner, it would take a very light hand to create a natural look. 

Would I recommend: This wouldn't be my first choice simply because of the format, but if gel is your fave, it's a good one!  

Price: Approximately $15 
Where to buy: The Body Shop and

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