Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme Eye Shadow: A quick review

Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme Eye Shadow

What it is: An exceptionally light and creamy mousse eyeshadow that packs the power of various antioxidant properties, including the company's exclusive Labrador Tea extract.
Beauty bonus: For a cream-to-powder formula, this shadow is surprisingly long-lasting and crease resistant (Trust me on this one!) 

Beauty bummer: The Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme formula feels a little strange in the pot ... almost like a liquid sponge. On the lid, however, it feels great! 

Overall: This product perfect for those marathon days when your makeup needs to last until the bitter end. I was especially pleased with its crease-resistant quality and simple, non fussy application.

I tested Magie Noire, an iridescent glitter in a mixed-tone grey shade. 
Would I recommend? Yes! 
Price: $24

Available at: London Drugs 


Jackie said…
Don't you just love crease resistant eye shadows?!? You mentioned the shadow has sponge like texture...did you find that you needed to use more of the product?

xo, jackie
Aleesha said…
Yes! I totally love when eyeshadows stay put without creasing. I felt the product went on quite smooth and dry, so I didn't need to keep adding layers of product to make it looks just right.
Having said that, though, I wasn't going for a super dark look.