Off-duty military: A new take on an old army green jacket

TNA Aritzia military jacket, Louis Vuitton bag

This jacket is a survivor.

No, it has neither returned from a major journey nor survived a natural (fashion!) disaster, but it HAS managed to remain in my closet for more than six years after countless culls ... and THAT is saying something.

Soldier on, my trusty topcoat.
Jacket (TNA, old but awesome one here), leggings (The Bay), shirt (Zara), necklace (Comme l'un), boots (Zigi NYC), bracelets (Alden Rae and Tiffany & Co.), watch (Michael Kors), bag (Louis Vuitton)


Unknown said…
Love the louis with the military jacket! Going to borrow this look!
Aleesha said…
Thank you, Rebecca! I can't wait to see it on your blog!