Perfect party frock

December 31, 2011

- New Year's Eve -
- Elevate your New Year's Eve experience with a decadent party frock - 
- Whether you're toasting with champagne, cruising through a club or sitting on your sofa ... be sure to ring in 2012 in style - 

- Happy New Year! -

Wear, oh wear: The perfect knit sweater from Vancouver's Board of Trade Co.

December 30, 2011

- Homegrown talent -

                                           The perfect knit sweater from Vancouver's Board of Trade Co.
- The allure of a stylish yet comfy sweater is undeniable on its own ... let alone when said sweater is from an amazing Vancouver boutique called Board of Trade -
The perfect knit sweater from Vancouver's Board of Trade Co.
 - Created from a soft, thick wool-blend knit in a slouchy silhouette, this sweater is as wearable at it is huggable and is a must-have in any cold-weather wardrobe -

Wear, oh wear ...

December 29, 2011

- Beautiful blush -
- Keep an ethereal, blush shift dress grounded with dark accessories -

Wear, oh wear ...

December 27, 2011

- Bold blue -
- Easing into the colour blocking trend with a dark-shaded base is a surefire way to nail this year-round look -
 - Sharp-shaped, neutral accessories and a pop-of-colour belt keep this outfit far from 'blueberry blah'-

Wear, oh wear ...

December 24, 2011

- Completely Cap-able -

- Top off a crisp, winter white mini dress with a cloak of camel warmth -

- Dark accessories including opaque tights help to shift this outfit from the primary school playground to the primed-and-ready for a chilly holiday day -

Wear, oh wear ...

December 22, 2011

- Savoury stripes -

- Banish the 'blah' from your winter wardrobe with a sleek, striped dress -

- Paired with over-the-knee leg warmers, cool chestnut boots and a classic Céline bag, an outfit like this is sure to cure the winter wardrobe woes -

Wear, oh wear ...

December 16, 2011

- Structured simplicity -
 - Keep the 'I'm wearing my pyjamas in public'-look of a loose white button-up at bay with a clean-lined blazer and sharp accessories -
- Sky-high suede Mary Janes paired with a classic Chanel handbag offer an amount of extraordinary to an otherwise plain ensemble - 
- Add in button-accented gathering on the back of a smooth, Lyocell blouse that lends a pleasant and unexpected detail to a classic wardrobe piece and you've got yourself a simple, structured look - 

A little sole ...

December 9, 2011

- Fabulous flats -
- A good ballet flat is like a classic pair of dark denim ... an extremely versatile, closet staple. - 
Though I have found Tory Burch's signature 'Reva' flat a tad narrow for my 'sturdy' feet, the rainbow-range of colours and no-frills design keep me coming back for more of this classic footwear find. 

Keep calm, carry Celine

December 7, 2011

 - Paris luxe - 

When I hear the word CÉLINE, like any true fashionista, I skip the Dion and head straight to the handbag.

I recently purchased this to-die-for Mini Luggage after falling for the hype of pending price increases and tales of 'it's the last in the company'. 
Despite my handbag addiction and my undeniable gullibility, I don't regret this purchase for even an instant
Structured, shapely and in a smooth-as-can-be leather, thiCÉLINE bag is not only a classic -- but a keepsake carryall I can't wait to show off. 

Wear, oh wear ...

November 12, 2011

- Trail blazer -
- Crisp, tailored blazer, dark denim and killer pumps -

- Cool and classic ... in fashion, you don't always have to reinvent the wheel -

Wear, oh wear ...

November 11, 2011

- Lest We Forget -
- Today, don't get caught out and about without the No.1 accessory: The Poppy -
- Show respect and thanks for the sacrifices that have been made for the Canadian people by Canadian people in active service -
- It only takes a moment to remember on Remembrance Day -

Spotlight on ... Chanel prices in Canada (UPDATED)

November 10, 2011

- So, you've decided to take the plunge and buy a Chanel handbag. Or, maybe you're simply adding to your collection -
-Take a look below at some recent prices that will offer you a ballpark for your upcoming purse purchase

New Mini (A65055)
$2,400 CAD

Mini Flap (A35200)
$2,400 CAD

Small Flap (A0113)
in Cavier or Lambskin
$4,000 CAD

Medium/Large Flap (A0112)
in Cavier or Lambskin
$4,450 CAD

Jumbo Double Flap (A58600)
in Cavier or Lambskin
$4,950 CAD

Maxi Double Flap (A58601)
$5,375 CAD

225 Reissue (A37586)
$4,450 CAD

226 Reissue (A37587)
$4,950 CAD

227 Reissue (A37590)
$5,375 CAD

GST(Grand Shopping Tote)  (A50995)
$2,625 CAD

PST (Petit Shopping Tote) (A58004)

Medallion Tote (A01804)

Cerf Tote (Executive Tote: A15206)
$~3,000 CAD

WOC Lambskin (Classic Quilted: A33814)
$1,740 CAD

WOC Classic CC (Caviar)
$1460 CAD

Wear, oh wear ...

November 9, 2011

- Black & Blue -
 - Blocks of dark colour don't have to feel dark and depressed -
- Black skinny jeans paired with a divine midnight-blue blazer, bold gold necklace and killer box-toe pumps pull this outfit from the funereal to the fantastic! -

Wear, oh wear ...

November 7, 2011

- Military cool -
 - Tap into your inner military brat with this covetable cold-weather staple: The parka -
- Built with a three-layer system, the waterproof exterior has a fully removable inner liner, hood liner, hood and faux-fur trim ... Trés cool -
- Because being warm doesn't mean being boring -

Spotlight on ...

November 3, 2011

- Structured simplicity -

 - Crisp, classic and with just the right amount of sass, Canadian-created brand Smythe offers a quality wardrobe addition -
- The price tag may be a bit extreme, however, a well-made wool jacket is a great go-to piece for any style-savvy professional or fierce fashionista - 

A little sole ...

November 2, 2011

- Winter wedges -
- The arrival of winter doesn't mean your foot fashion has to go out the window -
- With a little weatherproofing spray and a small traction pad added to the bottom, these oxford-esque booties are a great wardrobe addition to any winter-ready closet -

Wear, oh wear ...

November 1, 2011

- Stylish repeat -
- A Santa Fe-inspired midi skirt adds a blast of 0n-trend fashion -

- Classic, menswear-style tassel loafer wedges and a sweet, simple sweater adapt this outfit from a possible of-the-moment, straight to a I'll-wear-this-for-years look -

To have and to hold ...

October 26, 2011

- A great handbag should be considered an investment -
- Save, acquire and love forever ... it's a classic, well-made decision -
- Welcome to my closet -

Wear, oh wear ...

October 25, 2011

- Sweet sweater surrender -

- A beautifully constructed sweater is a valuable capstone to any closet -
High-waist denim shorts and Tory Burch Reva flats.
- Paired with classics such as high-waisted denim shorts, flats and a standout handbag ... this sweet sweater satiates almost any sugary craving -

Wear, oh wear ...

October 24, 2011

- Lovely lace -

- Meddle in Victorian luxury with a broad-lace maxi -

- Lace-up boots and a string of pearls add opulence ... while a black lace bandeau adds a hint of the unexpected -

A few favourites ...

October 14, 2011

- French macaron heaven -
- Though it may not hold a Versailles-inspired candle to the authentic French Ladurées -
- The newly minted New York City shop infallibly offers a petit sweet treat -

A few favourites ...

October 13, 2011

- Room reflection -
- Mirrors aren't just for the walls ... -
- Add a little reflection to your home with a great, vintage-inspired dresser -

A few favourites ...

October 7, 2011

- Wall Fashion -
- A tasteful oil painting in a dynamite frame brings a whole new meaning to 'well hung' -

A few favourites ...

October 6, 2011

- If you love it, buy it ... in multiples -
- This philosophy is one I utilize in many aspects of my personal fashion -
- I fell prey to these silk/wool-blend Gucci scarves and had to bring home three -
- My wallet still hasn't forgiven me -

To have and to hold ...

October 5, 2011

- Practical, rugged, with just enough design polish ... this Roots satchel is a top-notch bag-
- Add in the fact that it's made in Canada with imported Italian leather -
- It may be a blatant brand plug .... but, I think I'm in love -

Wear, oh wear ...

October 3, 2011

- A forever failsafe: Crisp, classic button up and dark skinny jeans -

A little sole ...

September 30, 2011

- Shoes are shoes and brogues are brogues ... -
- Unless of course they're made by Marc Jacobs -

A few favourites ...

September 28, 2011

- Certain looks require an extra punch -
- Bold pinks, sultry reds and failsafe neutrals are a great base to any lip colour collection -
- Never fear a slick of come-hither colour -

To have and to hold ...

September 27, 2011

- Buttery brown leather makes this bag pure Prada perfection -

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