Spotlight on ... Chanel prices in Canada (UPDATED)

- So, you've decided to take the plunge and buy a Chanel handbag. Or, maybe you're simply adding to your collection -
-Take a look below at some recent prices that will offer you a ballpark for your upcoming purse purchase

New Mini (A65055)
$2,400 CAD

Mini Flap (A35200)
$2,400 CAD

Small Flap (A0113)
in Cavier or Lambskin
$4,000 CAD

Medium/Large Flap (A0112)
in Cavier or Lambskin
$4,450 CAD

Jumbo Double Flap (A58600)
in Cavier or Lambskin
$4,950 CAD

Maxi Double Flap (A58601)
$5,375 CAD

225 Reissue (A37586)
$4,450 CAD

226 Reissue (A37587)
$4,950 CAD

227 Reissue (A37590)
$5,375 CAD

GST(Grand Shopping Tote)  (A50995)
$2,625 CAD

PST (Petit Shopping Tote) (A58004)

Medallion Tote (A01804)

Cerf Tote (Executive Tote: A15206)
$~3,000 CAD

WOC Lambskin (Classic Quilted: A33814)
$1,740 CAD

WOC Classic CC (Caviar)
$1460 CAD