My top 5 thrifting tips

My five top thrifting tips

Let me start by saying that I'm not an expert thrifter. 

But I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt when it comes to searching for preloved pieces. And I've found myself stopping in to my local thrift stores more often than new shops lately, which has helped me to hone a few top tips of my own. 

In addition to the you-won't-know-until-you-go enjoyment of finding a different selection every time you visit, there's something so fun about adding pieces to your wardrobe that have lived a life before you.

Without further ado, here are my five top thrifting tips. 

Establish an order 

I have a set order that I like to use when I go through a thrift store. Especially ones that I visit regularly. Typically, I start in the bags and jewelry then move on to clothing, housewares and art. I always end my visit in the books section where I like to spend some extra time reading through the titles. 

Shop the men's section 

Truthfully, I mostly shop the men's section for thrifted clothes. I'm a sucker for an amazing vintage men's blazer (the one I'm wearing here is a recent Harris Tweed find!), as well as vintage Levi's jeans. Another great style to keep an eye out is for is a vest. I recently found a super sleek leather men's vest (for $6.99!) that I can't wait to style with wide-leg trousers this spring. 

Don't stick to one size

The thrift store is an absolute treasure trove for clothing finds. My top tip for finding pieces that work for your style is to do away with standard sizing considerations. Thrift store pieces often come from different countries, different decades and different brands (obviously) ... all of which mean that no one size fits the same. Because of this, I shop anything from a women's size medium to a men's suiting size 46 in the hopes of finding the perfect piece.   

Spend some time in the jewelry

Sure, a lot of thrifted jewelry is costume jewelry. But, you can find some amazing demi- and fine-jewelry pieces mixed in there too. I like to look carefully through the displays, noting any precious metal stamps in particular. 

Be aware (and beware) of brands 

I have a dream that I will one day unearth a beautiful vintage Chanel bag at a thrift store. While I'll hold out hope that finding an authentic flap bag will still occur, it's important to be aware that many of the branded items that come through thrift stores tend to be fake. Find a piece that you're in love with but aren't sure whether it's real or faux? My top tip is to put it in your cart as you look around and then spend some time looking up authentication tips online in order to assist in your authentication process. Still stumped? Consider reaching out to friends or contacts who might be able to assist with the real-or-fake question. 

What are your top thrifting tips? 

Happy thrifting!