I'm sorry if this seems out of season, but this is the leather trench coat of my dreams (and I just had to share it)

Rudsak Leather trench coat outfit aleesha harris

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Rudsak Leather trench coat outfit

Rudsak Leather trench coat outfit aleesha harris

Spring — to say nothing of summer — is taking its sweet time arriving in Vancouver.

Sure, temperatures have increased overall.  But we're still having our fair share of dreary, wet days. And that's why I don't feel so bad about sharing a slightly off-season item in this post.

It also happens to be a piece that I'm completely obsessed with.

I've long had a leather trench coat on my wish list. I've always loved the look of the sleek timeless topper, but I could never quite find the perfect piece.

That is, until I spotted this sleek design from the Canadian brand Rudsak

The double-breasted design is crafted from smooth black leather. With a streamline, true-to-size fit, it's an elegant overcoat that's perfect for wearing every day (and every night, too). 

Made in limited quantities, it's a piece I'd recommend jumping on if you've been looking for the perfect leather trench of your own. 

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