These summer sandals are made from ... algae?

Hunter Bloom sandals

Hunter Bloom sandals

I love a good summer sandal. And, I mean, who doesn't? 

Add in an element of eco, and a pair of stylish sandals become even more interesting.  

Enter the Hunter Bloom collection.

The brand, which is well known for its rain boots, recently launched a collection of summer slides and sandals that are crafted from Bloom, an innovative material made from algae. The algae is collected from waterways using a process that sees 101 litres of water cleaned for every pair of sandals, according to the company. 

I recently tried this strappy Bloom Sandal in black for some fun in the sun with our pup Penne. 

The easy-on sandal features a velcro closure at the back. I found the sandal style to be comfortable and walkable (read: not too chunky). The Bloom material makes them lightweight, despite the on-trend dad sandal silhouette. 

In short, these sandals have earned a spot in my regular footwear rotation this summer. Bring on the sun-soaked adventures!