Good Night, Day Strathcona Sweater: A quick review

Good Night, Day Strathcona Sweater

I've always wanted to find a handcraft that I was good at/enjoyed. I'm terrible at painting, couldn't get into crocheting, should leave making jewelry to the professionals ... the list goes on. 

But, I think I've found my niche with knitting.

I picked up the hobby after writing an article about it. While researching the piece, I tried a knitting kit — and I guess you could say I was hooked. 

Fast forward to today and I've now knitted a few odds and ends — think: an unwearable scarf and two sweater kits from We Are Knitters (read my review here).

I stumbled across the Vancouver-based brand Good Night, Day while scrolling through Instagram and I loved their modern-minimal knitting creations. Immediately earmarking a few patterns on my Christmas wish list, I was overjoyed to actually receive a few downloadable patterns from my sister as a gift. 

Shortly after Christmas, I assembled all the necessary accoutrements to tackle the project — and ta-da! This is the result.     `

I found the pattern really easy to follow. The steps were straightforward and it easy to learn about the stitches through assorted YouTube knitting posts. I also found the pattern sizing to be spot on. 

The outcome, in my opinion, is a super-cool sweater that I'll be proud to wear for years to come. Of course, the fact that I made it myself doesn't hurt that appreciation. ;) 

Would recommend? Absolutely! 

The price: $8 (pattern download only) 

The retailer:

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