5 bracelets worth saving your holiday money for

Tiffany & Co bracelet stack

My love for jewelry has been well catalogued on this blog

From earrings to bracelets — and everything in between — I'm always on the lookout for a cool new piece. 

I recently popped by Vancouver jewelry designer Melanie Auld's store and purchased a few new pieces. Sadly, one of the items that I had to leave behind was the stunning ruby tennis bracelet that's pictured here with a few other favourite bracelets. (But boy, did I want to take it home!) 

The design paired perfectly with my existing bracelet situation, but it'll have to remain on my wish list for a while longer ... it is Christmas, after all. I'm supposed to be spending on other people, not myself. ;) 

So, with this perfect piece still on my mind, I've rounded up five stylish bracelet finds to help you build the perfect arm-candy collection.