These are the blue leggings that you need (yes, need)

Knix leggings review True Blue

Knix leggings review True Blue

I never thought I'd wear a head-to-toe periwinkle blue workout outfit. And yet, here we are.

And I like it. ;) 

From the Canadian brand Knix, this athletic wear look features all the elements I look for in workout — OK, and workday — clothes. Think: supportive, stylish and make me feel sleek.  

The HiTouch leggings feature a fabric with a 3D technology that allows for support and compression of the thighs, calves and glutes (thank you!). I usually steer clear of light colours when it comes to leggings, but I find these are not at all see-through and the fabric is nicely smoothing.

Paired with a matching sweater, I'll surely be among the most stylish on my regular walks and bike rides around the neighbourhood.  

Leggings and hoodie: Knix c/o