Oribe Fragrance Collection: A quick review

Oribe fragrance collection quick review

What it is: A new fragrance collection from the luxury haircare brand Oribe.

In addition to the brand's signature scent, Cote d'Azur, the release includes two additional elixirs: Desertland and Valley of Flowers. 

Beauty bonus: The glass bottles, complete with resin top, are simply stunning.

Beauty bummer: None, in my opinion. 

Overall: This elegant selection of eau de parfums is addictive. From the iconic Oribe scent Cote d'Azur — a mix of Calabrian bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood — to the two new scents, the fragrances are elevated and interesting. 

Desertland, which features notes of juniper berry, lavender, pine and cedarwood, is green and inviting. The juniper and cedar notes make for a nice, unisex mix. 

Valley of Flowers, with its Bulgarian rose, jasmine, peony, amber and musk is a beautiful bouquet.  The flower notes are undeniably dominant, but the base of musk adds a warmth and richness to the fragrance. Truth be told, this eau de parfum is the favourite in this release for me. 

Would recommend? Absolutely.

Price: $156 

Retailer: Oribe.com