When to save and when to splurge on jewelry

gold jewelry tiffany co omega constellation 29 mm david yurman paveflex diamond ring
gold jewelry tiffany co omega constellation 29 mm david yurman paveflex diamond ring

gold jewelry tiffany co omega constellation 29 mm david yurman paveflex diamond ring

I started collecting jewelry when I was a teenager. 

I would save the dollars earned in my job cleaning horse stables in order to buy a sterling silver piece from Tiffany & Co., amassing an impressive collection of designs (if I do say so myself) throughout the years. 

While I still have all those pieces today, my focus has since shifted away from sterling silver — to gold. A bigger investment, to be sure, I've adopted a slow-and-steady approach to building my gold jewelry collection. 

And, along the way, I've found a few tips helpful to guide the curation of my collection:

1. Buy brands — Like every expensive purchase, buying gold jewelry is an investment. And, I like to think of it as one that can hold its valuable (within reason, of course) over time. 

Having said this, I try to buy pieces from renowned jewelry brands whenever I can. Why? Because they are sure to hold their value better on the resale market due to the brand connection versus a non-branded gold piece, which will only sell for roughly its weight value. 

Having said this, I do have gold  layering chains from generic jewelry stores and also pieces from up-and-coming brands that I've loved too much to pass up on. Jewelry is, after all, intensely personal, so if I love it, I buy it. I'm not exactly worried about investment value with pieces like these. 

2. Steer clear of costume — I'm not a fan of costume jewelry, even if it's designer. If I'm going to go the non-precious route, I'd rather buy fun-and-funky accessories that don't fall into the jewelry category.

3. Stick to diamonds and gemstones — When I'm buying jewelry, I never purchase the pieces that feature CZ or crystals. Instead, I opt for semi-precious stones and gemstones such as citrine, morganite, sapphire — and, of course, diamonds. These pieces are sure to become keepsakes in a collection for years to come.  

4. Going for gold — When it comes to gold, I opt for only vermeil — gold over sterling silver — or solid gold varieties. I have pieces ranging from 10-karat to 18-karat solid gold. Gold fill (gold over brass) or gold tone (gold metal over a base metal) metals don't seem to work well on my skin because I seem to have an acidic skin pH, which makes many of the coated styles tarnish or turn my skin green. 

5. Buy the best that you can afford — Trust me, I'd love to buy the chunky gold HardWear necklace from Tiffany & Co., but it's simply not in my budget right now. Instead of going out and buying a dupe, I'd rather skip on the look and save for the real thing. If it's truly not feasible to save for, I'll admire it from afar, keeping it on my when-I-win-the-lottery type of wish list, and instead find quality jewelry pieces that are in my current budget and fit my long-term jewelry collection goals.  

Shop a few of my favourite gold pieces below: