Choosing the perfect wedding shoes

Chanel pink tweed cap toe shoes

When I set out to find shoes for my upcoming wedding, I was surprised by how much pressure I felt to get the "perfect" pair. 

Despite being confident about what I didn't want, I felt a certain pressure to find a shoe that covered some of the more stereotypical wedding shoe requirements. I know, it sounds silly. But, I've been surprised to find just how much I've felt a similar pressure throughout various stages of the pre-wedding process. 

Wedding shoes often look so, well, wedding-y — and that exactly what I wasn't after. 

I didn't want sparkles or princess vibes. Instead, I was eager to find a pair of shoes that a) suited my personality and b) would be something I would wear again. And these pretty pink tweed flats from Chanel seemed to be the perfect fit. 

The style is sure to add a pop of colour to my wedding-day look. And, they'll remind me of the special day every time I wear them afterward. Win-win.