5 gold necklaces to add to your current stack

Gold necklace Syracuse pamela card vancouver blogger

Gold necklace Syracuse pamela card vancouver blogger

I love that chunkier necklaces are coming back into style. 

I point toward the popularity of the to-die-for Tiffany HardWear necklace that's been photographed all over social media as the inspiration point for this. And I'm not mad at it at all.

While dainty designs have been the go-to for so many seasons, I like the idea of adding something with a little more heft into my jewelry routine. 

And a medallion necklace, like the ones on offer by the Vancouver-based brand Pamela Card, is a pretty good place to start. 

The style offers something a bit more substantial than a slim pendant or chain without adding a) too much bulk and b) too much price. (That HardWear necklace is way too pricey to make it off my wish list).  

That's why I've rounded up a few fabulous gold necklaces with pendants that will have you rethinking adding a bit of bulk to your go-to necklace stack.