Loewe Fragrance 001 Woman and 001 Man: A quick review

Loewe 001 Woman

Loewe fragrance 001 woman man review

Loewe fragrance 001 woman man review

What it is: Two scent selects from Spanish brand Loewe's fragrance collection. 

Beauty bonus: These two eau de toilettes smell divine on their own — or layered together. 

Beauty bummer: As they're eau de toilettes, we found these a bit light-wearing on skin. 

Overall: Boasting 50 per cent of the same notes — Indian sandalwood, Sicilian lemon and Tonka bean — for both the men's and women's iterations, these two fragrances are undoubtedly similar, but also oh-so unique. 

While 001 Woman plays with the citrus notes a bit more prominently, the 001 Man scent boasts a strong nod to the more musky elements. And it's DIVINE. 

There aren't too many fragrances that, once I smell them, become an instant addition to my personal scent rotation. I can think of Hanae Mori Butterfly (my first 'designer' fragrance), Chanel Coromandel and Le Labo Rose 31 among my most beloved. 

Now, I can add to that list the Loewe 001 Man fragrance.

Would recommend? Yes! I'm obsessed. 

Price: $124 to $174

Retailer: Holtrenfrew.com