Local Love: Pamela Card Jewelry

Pamela Card syracuse necklace

Pamela Card syracuse necklace

Pamela Card syracuse necklace

Pamela Card syracuse necklace

There's been such a strong emphasis on shopping local during the pandemic. And with very good reason.

Small businesses are some of the hardest hit amid the global pandemic, so that means that every dollar really and truly helps. 

I've been using this time to research fabulous local fashion brands — and I'm pleased to report that I've found so many amazing options. 

The discovery led me to an idea for a new series here on Covet & Acquire, aptly named Local Love. As the name suggests, I'll be highlighting new-and-noteworthy companies within the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space. 

First up: the local jewelry brand Pamela Card

Created by artisan Pamela Card, the brand offers stunning gold-plated-over-sterling-silver pieces that are made, by hand, using the method of lost wax casting and hand forging. Each piece is truly a work of art. 

In this post, I've featured the Syracuse necklace, a necklace modelled after an ancient coin with the eye-catching profile of the sea nymph and daughter of Nereid on one side, and a racing chariot on the reverse. 

Whether worn alone or with other favourite necklaces, it's a piece that captures one's attention — and is sure to start a conversation or two. 

If you have any ideas for this new Local Love series, I'd love to hear them. Send me an email at aleeshah@live.ca.