Jewelry layering: 5 favourite tips

Jewelry layering: 5 favourite tips

I love a layered jewelry look. Not only does it add so much visual interest to a look, but it also enables you to wear more of your favourite pieces at one time. Hello, win-win.

If you're new to the layered look, here are a few of my favourite tips below.

1. Mix metals — Don't be afraid to wear pieces of different metal colours. I love wearing sterling silver with gold. Doing so makes a look more unique. I typically skew more toward yellow gold, but I like to throw on one or two other metals such as this sterling silver Mejuri ring.

2. Add texture — Whether you go for different gemstones or a textured ring, I love adding a little texture to my jewelry stacks. A favourite of mine is my David Yurman Paveflex ring. It's a go-to!

3. Tangle free is the way to be — We all love the look of layered necklaces. But the tangling that often comes with it? Not so much. Skip the chain-wrap situation by trying a necklace layering clasp like this one from Etsy. The unique clasp attachment keeps individual chains separate so they don't become a tangled mess throughout the day.  

4. Go for the gold — If solid gold pieces aren't in the budget, I always opt for vermeil. While the finish, which sees gold overlaid on sterling silver, often isn't as saturated as, say, gold fill, I find vermeil pieces provide a nice way to stick with precious metals (a better investment, in my mind). I also have super sensitive skin when it comes to base metals like brass, so I find vermeil pieces keep me from going green — literally. #ifyouknowyouknow

5. Invest in quality pieces — While not a layering tip, I think this may be the most important point of all. Rather than purchase trendy pieces that you'll just want to get rid of at the end of the season, I prefer to purchase timeless, quality pieces that I'll cherish for years to come. While this means my jewelry game often looks the same, I'm ok with that. I like knowing that the pieces that I've acquired will be with me for years to come.