Easy winter wreath DIY

easy wreath diy dried flowers

During a recent virtual holiday event with Pandora, I had the opportunity to receive a wreath kit to DIY at home. 

While I love the idea of a do-it-yourself project, I must admit I'm not all that good at them. But, with all the bits and pieces on hand to try to make my own seasonal door wreath — I decided to give it a go. 

With a quick demo during the event by Kenilworth Floral, I got to work. I found it surprisingly fun and easy, which is why I wanted to share the quick steps here for anyone who is looking for a simple seasonal DIY or craft to try themselves. (Yes, even if you, like me, aren't too good at the whole DIY thing!)

Happy wreath making! 

What you'll need: 

diy winter wreath what you'll need

1 wreath form (I used a grapevine wreath)

1 bundle of evergreen boughs 

1 or 2 bundles of baby's breath (colour of your choice) 

Garden snips

Small spool green garden wire

diy winter wreath getting started

Step 1 
Grab your evergreen boughs. 

Easy winter wreath DIY

Step 2 
Arrange the boughs along the wreath form. 

Easy winter wreath DIY

Step 3
Using the garden wire, begin securing the boughs to the wreath form by wrapping the wire around the boughs and form. Make sure the wire pulls snug enough around the boughs to hold them in place. 

If you want the evergreen boughs to look more 'wild' and less tightly bound, wrap the wire in longer curves so there are more gaps between each turn of wrap. This will allow for some of the sprigs to hang out. 

Easy winter wreath DIY

Step 4

Once the evergreen is secure, use the garden snips to cut the end of the wire and wrap it back into the wreath to secure. 

Easy winter wreath DIY

Step 5 
Using the garden snips, trim the woody ends of the boughs. I chose to trim mine close to the form. 

Easy winter wreath DIY

Step 6 

Grab your flowers. You can use any type of flowers or greenery that you like. 

Trim a few sprigs of baby's breath. Don't cut the stems too short otherwise it will be tricky to tuck them into the wreath form and weave them into it.

Step 7

Begin adding the flowers around the wreath. You can add as few or as many as you like. 

Opting for stems of different sizes, colours and length will give your wreath a more 'undone' look. 

Easy winter wreath DIY

Easy winter wreath DIY

Keep adding ...

Easy winter wreath DIY

A little more ...

Easy winter wreath DIY

Step 7
Check in on your wreath. Examine the balance of the flowers and decide if you like the placement. 

Adjust as desired. 

Easy winter wreath DIY

I chose to add just a few final sprigs. 

Easy winter wreath DIY

Step 8 

Using the garden wire again, secure the flowers by wrapping the wire around the wreath form. This is where it gets easy to fix the flower placement before finalizing with the wire. Once the wire is on, it's tricky to go back. 

Cut the wire and secure. 

And that's it! Hang your holiday creation and enjoy. 

Easy winter wreath DIY

Thank you, Pandora for the fun holiday DIY idea!