Ladurée picnic

Ladurée Canada picnic vancouver

Ladurée Canada picnic vancouver

Ladurée Canada picnic vancouver

I'm just going to come right out and say it ... I miss Paris.

I've been fortunate to travel to this city at least once a year in recent years and, I must admit, I'm really missing not being there. I also cancelled a work trip there during Paris Fashion Week due to the escalating novel coronavirus, so perhaps that's also where the yearning stems from.

With the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic meaning that, for many of us, international travel is off the books until — who knows when? I was happy to receive a little piece of Paris on my doorstep thanks to Ladurée Canada.

The iconic French patisserie, which operates locations in Vancouver and Toronto, is offering picnic sets through their Vancouver location for purchase that bring a flavour of France right to your doorstep (or backyard, or local park, or ... you get the idea). 

Whenever I visited Paris, especially before Ladurée set up shop in Vancouver, I always made a point to bring back a macaron treat for family and friends, so this is such a lovely reminder of those memories.