Little summer dress

Le Chateau black chiffon summer dress

Le Chateau black chiffon summer dress

Le Chateau black chiffon summer dress

Like many others, I stepped away from my own content platforms in recent weeks to listen to and learn from those voices that needed to be amplified for the expansion of the Black Lives Matter movement.

As I return to creating and sharing my own content, I plan to continue my personal quest for further education on the topic of race inequality, to search out and support Black-owned businesses whenever I can, and to continue to work to support and further the initiatives that are needed in order to see change.

It's interesting because, when I look at the images shared here — while I love the dress that I'm wearing — I see a hesitation in myself. And, I remember feeling it, too.

I felt so silly taking photographs in a beautiful dress when my mind was on much more important things. It's an idea I've heard many content creators share in recent weeks, and one I'm sure many people will struggle with going forward.

Do people want to hear about and see outfits and beauty reviews right now? How do we best continue the discussion and movement while also creating content of our own? Are the roles of 'influencers' as we've known them up until now, still relevant? These are just a few of the questions I've wondered about the creator space.

If you have any thoughts or advice on this, I'd love to hear it. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Dress: Le Chateau 

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Firstly, ALWAYS, love a little black dress and this one's so pretty!! As for moving forward... I think it's more important than ever to learn about black owned brands / businesses and support, plus share more diverse content. Def something I hope to do with my own blog as well. Nice to have you back!! xo

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