Malin + Goetz: A quick review

Malin + Goetz: A quick review

What it is: A cruelty free brand bent on simplifying your routine, Malin +Goetz goes against the current skincare trend that says more is more, and pares it down to the nicest necessities.
Beauty bonus: Gentle and simple, this brand is a grab-and-go dream.

Beauty bummer: The moisturizer we tried was totally scent free (a big bonus for those with sensitive noses). The formula was nice, but we just wanted a little scent to match.

Overall: Around since 2004, this brand has not only staying power, but a cult following. Now new-to-Canada, this cool-girl (and cool-guy!) company from New York is understated and a bit utilitarian, while being effective.

The cleanser was gentle, not over-drying but still leaving skin feeling clean. The moisturizer was very nice— among our favourite product in the collection. It felt quite rich coming out of the package, but on skin, it absorbed well leaving very little residue.

For those looking for a natural deodorant that doesn't leave you stinky, we recommend the Eucalyptus Deodorant. The aluminum and alcohol-free stick formula worked to banish stink, even on an unseasonably hot spring day spent primarily outdoors.

The company's collection of hand soaps and fragrances are also fabulous!

Would recommend? Yes.
Price: From $29
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