AERIN Wild Geranium eau de parfum: A quick review

AERIN Wild Geranium eau de parfum: A quick review
What it is: A floral fragrance from AERIN that features notes of geranium, rose centifolia and orange flower.

Beauty bonus: This scent mixes a few unexpected notes of pink pepper and lemon to freshen things up.

Beauty bummer: If you're not a fan of a big floral bouquet, this fragrance may not be for you.

Overall: We absolutely love AERIN fragrances, so we were excited to spritz on this release.

This floral scent boasts some fresh notes that keep it from being too, well, floral. While the fragrance definitely comes across as "fresh floral" as intended, the subtle citrus note helped to make the overall eau de parfum a bit more exciting than your garden-variety floral scent.

Would recommend? If you're new to the AERIN fragrance world, maybe try something more intoxicating like Tangier Vanille (divine!). But, if you love floral-heavy scents, then yes.

Price: $156 for 50 mL
Where to buy: Holt Renfrew; Sephora