Dining out ... I'll never take it for granted again

Caffe La Tana Vancouver

This photo was taken, unsuspectingly, during my last meal out before the self-quarantine and subsequent citywide lockdown in Vancouver.

I was enjoying a cappuccino before a lovely lunchtime meeting with a friend at Caffe La Tana

If you follow me on Instagram, then you've likely seen my hash tag #covetandacquireeats. Given the colourful array of flat lay-style food images, it's very clear that I enjoy a meal out every now and again.

In fact, I usually eat at a local restaurant one day a week. It's an end-of-week treat for my boyfriend and I. And, truth be told, two weeks into this lockdown, I miss it.

I will never taking a simple dinner out at a neighbourhood restaurant for granted again.

In fact, once this over, I'm going to eat at as many local restaurants and cafés as I can in order to show my support and appreciation for all that they bring to our community — OK, and to my personal food feed.

I hope you're all doing well (as well as is possible, that is) during these difficult times.