Small home coat rack + storage bench

Small home coat rack + storage bench
Photo credit: Janis Nicolay

In my 'forever' home, I'd love to have a mud room. A place to take off my coat, shoes, barn boots, etc. — and to hang my hat or handbag (literally and figuratively) at the end the day.

But, in my current carriage house, I don't have that luxury. Space is at a premium, so I had to find an option that did double ... or triple duty in the small space behind my door.

So, I started a manhunt bench-hunt to find the perfect coat rack with a storage bench. I found the one pictured at a local discount furniture warehouse.

With this compact design, I'm able to hang several coats and bags on the rack, while my shoes are stored mess-free in the box underneath. And I usually keep my keys in a basket on the bench. So far, it has been an essential part of my home.

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