Hello, 2020!

brandywine mountain aleesha harris snowy mountains

2019 was a good year.

I travelled for work and play, accomplished a few major goals in my personal and professional realms, worked on some relationships — and finally moved in to my new little place.

For 2020, I'm hoping to keep the good momentum going, while also mixing a few things up, too.

I'd like to push this platform in new ways — 2020 is the ninth year of Covet & Acquire, after all! — seeing how I can incorporate new verticals and exciting new content.

I'm so grateful for all who stop by this website, whether regularly or by chance. Thank you. Seriously. Creating content for my blog and associated platforms has taught me so much — and inspired me even more. I can only hope that I've done a little bit of both for others out there along the way.

So, here's to a new year. A new year of content. A new year of adventures. A new year of goals. And, of course, a new year of coveting ... and then acquiring.

Happy 2020!