Mejuri knocker earrings

January 15, 2020 Vancouver, BC, Canada

Croissant knocker earrings

I've been so into mini hoop earrings lately that I've almost forgotten what it's like to wear anything but.

But I quickly remembered just how fabulous said alternative ear candy options can be when I put on these Croissant Knocker Earrings from the Canadian jewelry brand Mejuri.

The design, has just enough drop to them, without being too dangle-y. (I can rarely stand dangle-y earrings because I find they always get caught on things.)

I'm curious: what's your go-to earring silhouette at the moment?

Wearing these earrings is a good reminder that it's important to keep my options open — with earrings and elsewhere. I feel like I've been really hardline on things in recent years, and I'm not sure it's something I'm entirely comfortable with.

I find in 2020 that I'm eager to remind myself that it's OK if I change my mind. If things don't go as planned. If I try something and end up not liking it. Or, alternately, end up loving it. While this attitude pertains to earrings and fashion, I'm also looking to extend it out into other areas, as well.

We'll see how it goes ...

Croissant knocker earrings

Croissant knocker earrings

Croissant knocker earrings

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