Current covet: Pearl earrings

mejuri pearl earrings

Pearls have made such a comeback in the past year or so. Especially when it comes to earrings.

While a petite pearl stud has always been in style, the latest eye-catching designs taking over social feeds feature oversized baroque styles, or several pearly orbs strung uniquely together.

And, I'm loving it.

While I picked up these pretty pearls from Mejuri — the Canadian online jewelry platform that has pretty much revolutionized the way I shop for jewelry (ehem, and think of pearls) —  virtually every jewelry brand out there has a unique pearl offering of its own.

Here are a few favourites I spotted while doing a quick scrolls online. Happy shopping!

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These are positively lovely, and would layer so beautifully & effortlessly with other pieces too. I've always been a pearls kind of girl and would def rock these beauties. Happy Wednesday, babe!! xo

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