Best faux plants for home

Faux plants for home aleesha harris janis nicolay
Photo by Janis Nicolay
I'm guilty of becoming obsessed with certain types of home decor.

And, my latest obsession preoccupation, is faux greenery. Fake plants — whether a cactus, palm tree, or other plant — are so easy to care for. And, given the fact that I always overwater my plants and (inevitably) kill them, this means they're the perfect fit for my home.

Take this cactus, for example. It's a good size, looks great and I don't have to fuss and worry over whether or not I've given it too much or too little water. Win-win. In my opinion, faux plants are second only to dried ones such as pampas grass and palm fronds. (More on that obsession later.)

I've linked a few other greenery options that you can add to your own home below. Happy shopping!