Happy #Yelloween

October 31, 2019 Vancouver, BC, Canada

veuve clicquot yelloween blogger

veuve clicquot yelloween blogger

veuve clicquot yelloween blogger

I'm not one to dress up for Halloween, but I'll gladly use the spook-tacular day as an excuse to pop a bottle of champagne.

Who's with me? 

If you're planning on serving up some crisp champs this holiday, here are a few serving tips to get it just right. (Although, if it's Veuve on the table, I don't think you'll hear any complaints.) 

-Chill it thoroughly before popping the cork, if not, it's pop really fast and you might spill.

-Serve your champagne chilled, yes, but let it warm up for about 10 minutes out of the refrigerator before serving.

-Go on, enjoy it with food! While we often enjoy bubbles before a meal, it's a great option to actually enjoy during a meal too, thanks to its lower alcohol content and higher acidity. Plus, those bubbles. (Oh, the bubbles!)

Happy Halloween, everyone! Or, if you're enjoying a glass of Veuve Clicquot like me, well then, Happy #Yelloween.

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